Food Carbohydrates: Chemistry, Physical Properties, and Applications

Unique in its broad range of coverage, Food Carbohydrates: Chemistry, Physical Properties and Applications is a comprehensive, single-source reference on the science of food carbohydrates. This text goes beyond explaining the basics of food carbohydrates by emphasizing principles and techniques and their practical application in quality control, product development, and research. The editor incorporates information on analytical methods, the structural analysis of polysaccharides, physical properties, molecular conformation and characterization, and industrial applications of polysaccharide gums. The analytical methods and structural analysis of polysaccharides are rarely presented in books on food carbohydrates - topics this text fully illustrates. It also presents particulars on starch and starch modification, with a focus on reaction principles, improved functional properties, and practical applications. Food Carbohydrates: Chemistry, Physical Properties and Applications is the only known current reference to include basic chemistry, analytical methodologies, structural analysis, conformation and functional properties, and rheological and thermal properties of food carbohydrates all in one text. This book is ideal as a professional reference for researchers, engineers, and those interested in food carbohydrates, as well as a textbook for graduate students.