This fascinating compilation of over 220 pictures of bygone Folkestone has been drawn entirely from the author's own extensive collection. It encompasses nearly a century and a half of the town's history, starting with a chapter dedicated to watercolours of the town painted by the artist Joshua Marsh in the 1820s. At the other end of the time scale, the effects of the Second World War and subsequent new developments are also fully chronicled. As befits a maritime town, all aspects of Folkestone's relationship with the sea are comprehensively covered. Fishing, pleasure-boating, beach activities and maritime ceremonies such as the Blessing of the Sea are all mentioned here. The transport section includes images from both the horse-drawn and motorized eras, and finally there is a chapter on ceremonies and celebrations, from victory parades to Coronations and Jubilees. Not only will this book awaken nostalgic memories in those who knew Folkestone as it used to be, but it will also be of great interest to newcomers to the area who wish to learn about the town's history.