Flower Readings: Discover Your True Self with Flowers Through the Ancient Art of Flower Psychometry

Flowers have personal messages for us and we can decode these using the ancient art of Flower Psychometry. Flower Readings provides the key to unlocking these mysteries. It will show you how to find your special flower and understand how its habitat and shape reflects your hidden qualities and present situation in life. Your chosen flower contains a perfect patter of vibrations needed by you and its healing powers can bring your life into balance. In Flower Readings you will discover many ways to use your flowers for spiritual upliftment and to improve your health and well-being. You don't even need a garden to find your personal flower as it is possible to give a flower reading using pictures and photographs as well as real flowers. Suzy Chiazzari builds on an idea introduced in her book Colour Scents, that we need to renew our individual relationship with flowers and the natural world. This we can do simply and directly by allowing the flowers to tell their own story. Not only can their energy patterns flow through us, they can also be used to facilitate planetary healing.