Flight Lessons

Growing up, Anna admired and emulated her unmarried Aunt Rose, who led a much more exotic and glamorous life than her mother. But as her mother lies dying, Anna finds out that the woman she looked to more than her own mother betrayed them both in the worst way. Now an acutely mistrustful adult, Anna suffers yet another betrayal, at the hands of her lover. Looking for an escape, Anna returns home, though it means helping her aunt run the family restaurant. Rose, who for 20 years has struggled to regain Anna's trust, realizes that although her niece has come home, it's clear she doesn't plan to stay. Feelings are frosty as ever, and Anna is so deadset on leaving, that she fails to recognize true love, even as it reaches up to grab her by the heart. Moving, funny, and ultimately reassuring about life and love, Gaffney's new novel is just the thing her readers have been waiting for.