Fish Species Introductions in the Kyrgyz Republic: FAO Fisheries and Aquaculture Technical Paper No. 584

The objective of this document is to analyze the existing data so that the experiences and lessons learned with species introductions can be used in future stocking programs in the Kyrgyz Republic and elsewhere in the region. Therefore information is provided to support the management of exotic and indigenous species in Kyrgyz fisheries and aquaculture, including an analysis of the long term consequences of possible stocking programs for exotic and native species and the use of cages in natural waters. The set of information presented in this document includes a detailed inventory of all water bodies, fishery and fish culture resources. Its aim is also to serve the rehabilitation and sustainable and ecologically sound development of both the fishery and aquaculture sectors in the Kyrgyz Republic. The report also recommends feasible solutions for sustainable utilization of natural waters, reservoirs and fish farms in the Kyrgyz Republic.