First Aid for Dogs: An Owner's Veterinary Guide

First Aid for Dogs provides a 'vet's eye' view of first aid emergencies and common dog health problems and diseases. It gives a level of detailed information and guidance that is missing from many popular dog books, yet explains the often complex nature of canine diseases in a clear, jargon-free way. Each body system is considered separately. Following a brief introduction giving necessary basic facts on structure and function, individual diseases affecting that part of the body are discussed. Throughout, the approach concentrates on the owner's/carer's perspective and highlights the things likely to be noticed by them. Information on common symptoms, diagnostic tests and treatment options is given, together with guidance on likely costs and outlook for individual diseases or conditions. Copious use of illustrations is made in order to clarify the information in the book. Many clinical photographs of real cases and specially commissioned drawings are included. An essential part of the book is its coverage of practical first aid. Both conventional and, in the final chapter, simple homeopathic treatments are discussed. Probably the best book on the subject currently on the market, First Aid for Dogs will prove invaluable to the responsible dog owner, breeder, student or carer and provides a fascinating insight into modern canine medical care and treatment.