Set during an oil crisis-induced war in South America, Findesferas tells the story of Juan and his twin brother Matias as they fight to stay alive in the hopes of returning to their home, and normality. Juan is a poet, but since the death of his wife, he can't seem to recapture the same creativity he used to pour into his work. Carrying a dark secret that threatens to destroy his life, can he forgive himself and make it out alive, or will his inability to escape the past destroy him? Matias' wife Octavia is in a civilian holding in Paraguay's capital, Asuncion, trying to forge a new life with her son. When the Pombero, a malevolent spirit, comes to visit them, her brief period of calm is brought abruptly to an end, and she must make a difficult decision: offer the Pombero a live sacrifice, or let him take the twins instead. Findesferas considers the lengths we will go to in order to protect our loved ones, find new energy sources or change the past.