Financial Markets in Hong Kong: Law and Practice

Financial Markets in Hong Kong: Law and Practice is an essential text for anyone working in the financial markets in Hong Kong. The book, written by a team of market professionals and academics associated with the Asian Institute of International Financial Law of the University of Hong Kong, provides a comprehensive review of the regulation of Hong Kong's financial markets As Hong Kong is one of Asia's leading financial centres and the key international financial centre servicing China, the topic is essential to those working in these markets. Owing in part to its complex history, the financial market in Hong Kong is addressed by a wide range of laws and regulations, with a variety of idiosyncracies. The book covers the following topics: the financial regulatory system in Hong Kong; regulation of financial institutions and financial products (including listing and derivatives); regulation of corporate and market conduct (including corporate governance, mergers and acquisitions and market misconduct); and the role of Hong Kong in Chinese and international financial markets. This is the only book to comprehensively explain the current regulatory framework of Hong Kong, from first principles to looking at transactions in context of the developing China nexus. The book covers a wide range of laws and regulations affecting practice in these areas, including in particular: Companies Ordinance; Banking Ordinance; Securities and Futures Ordinance and related subsidiary legislation; Exchange Listing Rules; Takeovers Code, Insurance Ordinance; as well as various other Ordinances and applicable common law and market practices.