Financial Accounting: Tools for Business Decision Making: WITH Annual Report

Now in its Third Edition, Financial Accounting by Kimmel, Weygandt, and Kieso has been tested and approved in the classroom. This best-selling text has helped students hit the road with a practical set of tools, and the confidence they need to use those tools effectively in making business decisions. Financial Accounting provides students with an understanding of those concepts that are fundamental to the use of accounting. Starting with a macro view of accounting information, the authors present real financial statements and establish how a financial statement communicates the financing, investing, and operating activities of a business to users of accounting information. They motivate students by grounding the discussion in the real world, showing them the relevance of the topics covered to their future career. The authors identify a finite set of tools necessary to make business decisions based on financial information: The Decision Toolkit. This toolkit is consistently re-introduced throughout the text, logically sequenced to take full advantage of the tools presented in earlier chapters, and summarized in the final chapter. This thorough integration of the use of financial statements for decision-making makes this one of the most user-oriented texts available today. Before you buy, make sure you are getting the best value and all the learning tools you'll need to succeed in your course. If your professor requires eGrade Plus, you can purchase it now at no additional cost. With this special eGrade Plus package you get the new text - no highlighting, no missing pages, no food stains - and a registration code to eGrade Plus, a suite of effective learning tools to help you get a better grade. All this, in one convenient package! eGrade Plus gives you: a complete online version of the textbook; over 3,000 problems from the end-of-chapter problem sets and test bank 2 self-assessment tests per chapter; one Demonstration Problem per chapter (a worked out end-of-chapter problem that steps students through that chapter's key concepts); and More! eGrade Plus is a powerful online tool that provides students with an integrated suite of teaching and learning resources and an online version of the text in one easy-to-use website.