Figure Drawing with Dan Thompson: I: Anatomy of the Head

Develop a strong foundation for your portraits Join expert draftsman Dan Thompson as he reveals his approach to creating expressive and convincing portraits. Better identify critical landmarks in the skull and learn how these underlying structures can help you identify proportion, weight distribution, orientation, and more. Take a master anatomy-drawing lesson: Discover a simplified approach to values with Dan's 5-step sequence to tonal development. Deepen dimension and build form with Dan's expert approach to working in trapezoidal planes. Capture your model's position exactly through what Dan calls the great pyramid of the head. Better articulate expression in your forms with this exquisitely detailed anatomy lesson. And more! Celebrate the human form-give your portraits the depth and detail they deserve with this essential lesson! Order your copy of Figure Drawing I: Anatomy of the Head with Dan Thompson today! Plus! Watch for the second lesson in this master series: Figure Drawing II: The Gesture with Dan Thompson-available for pre-order May 18th 2012!