Field Guide to Reptiles of Victoria

This guide is intended primarily as a means of identifying any reptile occurring naturally within Victoria, Australia. It expands on a previous book, The Snakes of Victoria published in 1991, but extensively revises the snake information and brings taxonomy up to date. It also includes lizards, tortoises and turtles.Dichotomous keys are used in the guide to provide a two-option system of elimination of possibilities and include illustrations of key characteristics to assist the reader. A short introduction into classification gives the reader an appreciation of where Victorian species belong on a world wide basis and explains how reptiles are named, and the conventions that are used.The detailed description of each species includes a distribution map and photographs to facilitate identification. Notes on various aspects of the biology and ecology are included, together with an indication of the danger to man of venomous snakes.The closing chapters present a brief list of species, not recorded from Victoria, but found in close proximity in adjacent states: a short section on the recommended first aid treatment for snake bites: a summary of Victoria wildlife regulations; a glossary of terms used within the book; references; and, a index, including common names and recently used synonyms.