Fedora Bible 2011 Edition: Featuring Fedora Linux 14

Series: Bible
Get all the essentials of the major changes in Fedora 14 Veteran authors Christopher Negus and Eric Foster-Johnson provide you with a thorough look at the skills needed to master the latest version of Fedora and Red Hat Linux. Their step-by-step instructions walk you through a painless and simple installation of Linux; then you'll explore the major changes to the release of Fedora 14 while also revisiting the previous version so you can see what features have been updated and revised. * Focuses on the essentials of the updated and new elements of Fedora Linux 14 * Addresses using packagekit, running Windows apps, scanning images, and installing over the Internet * Touches on how to work in a Linux office with MSFT office compatible office apps * Covers new material on zarafa, xenner, deja dup, and more * Features a DVD that includes the latest distribution of Fedora Linux as well as a bootable Fedora LiveCD Fedora 14 includes many important updates and additions -- this book gets you up to date on the most essential changes.