Fattish & Fattoush : The Revelation

Paperback / softback
Fattish and Fattoush are two slightly plump boys. Because of the wars between good and evil, their fathers died in the wars, and their mothers work cleaning houses around the big city of Rampoush. Unfortunately, the boys steal from the shops, thinking nobody would see them. But there is somebody watching them. This mystical man is called Haji Baba. The only forgiveness for them is to follow Haji Babaas orders. Their assignment is to save England from the clutches of an evil tyrant called Mujava, who is the archenemy of the world. They travel through the centre of the earth. On their way, they encounter different creatures; some of them are good and others are very bad. These little boys suddenly encounter adventures taking them all over the world, and they learn many things about all cultures and races and gain a lot of respect with all the people who they meet, and which eventually makes them famous.