Fast Track to Success: Innovation

Series: Fast Track
GET THE RESULTS YOU WANT IN INNOVATION. FAST. Companies that innovate successfully get six key things right - planning, pipeline, process, platform, people and performance. If you want to seek out new commercial opportunities and develop new and better ways of doing things, then you need to get them right too. Fast Track to Success: Innovation will teach you the key skills you need to excel in innovation and accelerate your career development. It includes: * Innovation in a nutshell - a series of FAQs to give you a concise overview of the subject * The top 10 tools and techniques to develop your approach to innovation * Advice on leading your team - how to decide your leadership style and build your team * Simple checklists to help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your capabilities and those of your team * Tips on how to progress your career, whether it's your first 10 weeks in the job or whether you're looking to get right to the top Don't get left behind, set out on the Fast Track today. For more resources, log on to the series website at