Fascinating Facts

Celebrity-watching is a global pastime: We want to know who did what, where and who they did it with. Fascinating Celebrity Facts will satisfy your craving for trivia and gossip about those in the public eye. It's the ultimate mine of information about film and TV actors, musicians, sports stars, politicians, royalty and many others- past and present - who grace our screens, newspapers and magazines. Did you know ...Jennifer Aniston's godfather was Kojak's Telly Savalas? Uris Geller is not only related to Sigmund Freud, but also trained to be an artist under Salvador Dali? Billie Holiday used to babysit Billy Crystal? Prince Charles has a collection of toilet seats? Hugh Grants middle name is Mungo? Packed with facts about the lives of the famous in categories such as 'Before they were famous', 'School Days' and 'Romance on the Set', this book is all you need to become a celebrity expert.