Fairy BrewHaHa at the Lucky Nickel Saloon

Us regulars at the Lucky Nickel Saloon, Second Ave, Laramie, Wyoming Territory, US of A, are shocked to hear from Mick, the Irish barkeep, that his mortgage is due tomorrow. Bankruptcy looms, dire straits for certain sure, as we-all are broke and none of us can get credit nowheres else. Sudden-like, a gang of fairies invades town. They¿re intent on robbing the circus, just arrived in town for a show, of payroll gold. But afore the robbery, said bandits intend to get drunk on Fairy BrewHaHa, concocted, so the legend in Fairyland goes, only in the Lucky Nickel and nowheres else. Trouble is, Mick, who brewed said brew afore he gave up sipping at his own stock long ago, can¿t remember the secret formula. He better remember quick, as the fairies get agitated and commence to breaking up furniture and glassware. Trapped under the saloon piano by the furious fairy folk, yer faithful narrator Tom Dooley (at-yer-service), plus gunslinger Banky, one-eyed gambler Casper, Mick the Irish barkeep and his soiled dove affianced Emma Drummond, back-east dude reporter Sam Something, along with circus strongman Tom Murphy and his mermaid wife Miss Lizzy (who resides in a water barrel), and don¿t forget Charlie although he¿s asleep, and good ol¿ one-legged Jack Thatcher, plus the circus folk (except for Clementine, the elephant) must do battle¿guns, poker, fisticuffs, swinging parasols, and wooden leg clubs¿with the fairy horde. We got ourselves a saloon to save.