Uman: The Essays 1: The Golf Jacket

Series: Uman: The Essays (1)
This is a sophisticated wardrobe guides series for modern men. Uman. The Essays is a series of commentaries by contemporary connoisseurs (authors, journalists, and cultured men), who explore the sources of men's costume sports, discovery, passions to reveal the traditions and ethos at the basis of the ideal wardrobe. It is a project by Umberto Angeloni, former chief executive of Brioni, an Italian luxury lifestyle brand with global diffusion. The first title, Fairway , is devoted to fashion on the golf course and is written by Jay Fielden, the founding editor of Men's Vogue: Blackheath , the world's most famous golf club was founded in 1608. Members of the club were known to play the game in red coats. Also if golf greatest prize today may be the green jacket, some things from the early days seem like they might live forever. As anyone knows who watches golf on Sunday afternoon, the color red almost four centuries after its birth at Blackheath - has persevered.