Extension: Photographs by Daniele Duca

Daniele Duca was born in Ancona in 1967. He is a copywriter and professional photographer. He has exhibited in various places in Italy including at the University of Camerino, Ferrara and the Communal Museum of Modern Art of Senigallia. He was invited to Los Angeles and New York by the Italian Cultural Institute to present an itinerant exhibition. In 2003 he came first in the 22nd Biennale Internazionale dell'Umorismo in Comunicazione di Tolentino (International Biennal Humor-in-Communication Contest in Tolentino), in the poster and printing section. This book presents a series of photographs, a chance journey around objects which are used habitually in normal daily life and which are endowed with a surplus of aesthetic significance. The photography of Duca sublimates these objects of common use, freeing them from the banality of the observed. A retrieval of gestalt of the object and of its original and symbolic functions, accentuated by the epos of the author who, seeking out the essential enchantment therein, removes the shallow frills of the anonymous in favour of design and function. Duca achieves a decontextualisation of the object and a translation of meaning, enlarged by the spatial arrangement and accentuated by the photographic characterisation of what is indistinct, by the 'chiaroscuro' movement which, together with the particular position and shooting angle, contribute to a kind of animation of the inanimate.