Exploring Outdoors Ages 3-11: A guide for schools

Paperback / softback
Exploring Outdoors Ages 3-11 is an essential guide on how to encourage children's learning and support their development through year-round outdoor exploration. It follows one primary school through an entire academic year, capturing the challenges, discoveries and joys of children and adults co-exploring outdoors together. This unique book covers all aspects of outdoor practice from setting up and maintaining an outdoor site to the boundaries, support and effective communication that will help to create a safe and happy environment. It traces each term of the year and focuses on the importance of role play and imaginative learning, planning activities for all weather conditions and how the National Curriculum can be applied to outdoor exploring. Features include: Step-by-step guides on how to set up an outdoor site Advice on how to observe and record children's learning and development outdoors Real-life case studies of children exploring outdoors from EYFS through to the end of Key Stage 2 Over 100 full photographs to illustrate how outdoor exploring can encourage children's learning and development Practical tips and ideas for outdoor activities throughout the year An eResource with useful checklists, templates and pro-forma available to download Exploring Outdoors Ages 3-11 is essential reading for all those passionate about working outside who want to build confidence and develop their ability to co-explore with children.