Exploring Chiang Mai: City, Valley and Mountains

As the capital of the kingdom of Lan Na, Chiang Mai once dominated the mountainous area of continental Southeast Asia between Southern Yunnan and Northern Thailand. During its golden age in the 15th and 16th centuries, the city played a major role in the development of Buddhism in Thailand. However, the kingdom was to disappear in political struggles, and Chiang Mai became a backwater of Siam until the city s heritage and mystique as the gateway to the mountainous Golden Triangle helped bring about its revival as the center of culture and commerce in Northern Thailand. Oliver Hargreave first presents Chiang Mai as a historical city of tradition that has evolved into a thriving modern city. Then he takes the city as a starting point for journeys into the picturesque valley and the surrounding mountains. Features: Conveys all the charm of Thailand s northern capital Written by a veteran expat Acclaimed and easy-to-use text whether read at leisure or while on the road Sidebars cover many aspects of history and culture Lavishly illustrated