Experiments at the Interfaces

While experimental data collection has been common in psycholinguistics for some time, only relatively recently have experimental methods been employed to collect data for research in formal linguistics. Experimental methods can be particularly useful for investigating phenomena at the interfaces of the components of grammar, where the sources of multiple types of information need to be carefully controlled. Experiments at the Interfaces, edited by Jeffrey T. Runner from the University of Rochester, brings together recent experimental research examining a variety of issues within syntax and semantics, and their interfaces with each other and with other domains of language. The volume showcases a wide range of experimental methods and illustrates how they can be applied to critical questions relevant to formal linguistics. Contributors are: Sergey Avrutin, Molly Diesing, Sam Featherston, Micah B. Goldwater, Martin Hackl, Justin Halberda, Edwin Howard, Tim Hunter, Arnout W. Koornneef, Hadas Kotek, Ellen F. Lau, Jeffrey Lidz, Darko Odic, Colin Phillips, Paul Pietroski, Eric Reuland, Jeffrey T. Runner, Yasutada Sudo, Klaus von Heusinger, Matthew W. Wagers, Hanna Weiland, Frank Wijnen, Draga Zec.