Experimental Stress Analysis: Proceedings of the VIIIth International Conference on Experimental Stress Analysis, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, May 12--16, 1986 Organized by: Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research (Tno) on Behalf of the Pe

Designing and manufacturing structures of all kinds in an economic and a safe way is not possible without doing experimental stress analysis. The modernity of structures, with their higher reliability demands, as well as today's more stringent safety rules and extreme environmental conditions necessitate the improvement of the measuring technique and the introduction of new ones. Although theoretical/mathematical analysis is improving enormously, an example of which is the finite element model, it cannot replace experimental analysis and vice versa. Moreover, the mathematical analysis needs more and more accurate parameter data which in turn need improved experimental investigations. No one can do all those investigations on his own. Exchange of knowledge and experience in experimental stress analysis is a necessity, a thing acknowledged by every research worker. Therefore, the objective of the Permanent Committee for Stress Analysis (PC SA) is to promote the organization of conferences with the purpose disseminating new research and new measuring techniques as well as improvements in existing techniques, and furthermore, to promote the exchange of experiences of practical applications with techniques. rhis Vlllth International Conference on Experimental Stress Analysis on behalf of the PC SA is one in a series which started in 1959 at Delft (NL), and was followed by conferences at Paris (F), Berlin-W, Cambridge (~K), Udine (I), Munich (FRG) and Haifa (Isr.). Such a Conference will be held in Europe every fourth year, half-way bewteen the IUTAM Congresses.