Exotic Nuclei and Nuclear/particle Astrophysics (IV): from Nuclei to Stars : Carpathian Summer School of Physics 2012, Sinaia, Romania, 24 June-7 July 2012

The conferences in the Carpathians are called by tradition 'schools', but are a combination of a school and a conference with invited talks and communications. This was the 24th Carpathian summer school in physics, a tradition since 1964, and the 4th with the current title. Its main objectives are:To educate new generations of specialists in the field of nuclear structure and reactions, of nuclear astrophysics and astroparticles. -To help disseminate and discuss the latest developments in the fields of interest among the participants, to facilitate interactions across field boundaries. -The mixed character school-conference is meant to facilitate the contacts between generations of scientists. -To create conditions of direct contacts between best specialists in the above fields and the local researchers, in particular from Romania.