Exchange Rate Economics: The Uncovered Interest Parity Puzzle and Other Anomalies

The Uncovered Interest Parity (UIP) puzzle has remained a moot point since it first circulated economic discourse in 1984. Despite a number of attempts at a solution, the UIP puzzle and other anomalies in exchange rate economics continue to perplex economic thought in international finance. This fundamental book fills gaps in the scholarly literature, suggesting new explanations for the many exchange rate anomalies. Exchange Rate Economics amalgamates key discourse, generating synthesis models that appear consistent with the UIP puzzle and related anomalies, uniquely bringing them together in one place. A thorough, current review of the literature is presented to provide an extensive analysis of exchange rate aberrations, which contributes numerous new explanations for these puzzling facts. Norman C. Miller probes into the perplexities of international finance and offers an alternative approach toward the UIP puzzle, invigorating and guiding future research. This timely book will be a useful tool for undergraduate and postgraduate students looking to acquire state of the art knowledge into exchange rate economics and international finance. Scholars and practitioners with an interest in the UIP puzzle and similar anomalies will find this book thought provoking and informative for further inquiry.