<I>Excerptiones de Prisciano</I>: The Source for AElfric's Latin-Old English Grammar

When the famous Anglo-Saxon scholar AElfric wrote the first grammar in a European vernacular, he used as his direct source the Excerptiones de Prisciano excerpts from major curriculum authors of the medieval schools, including Donatus, Isidore and Priscian himself . The tenth-century text, probably of English origin, most probably compiled by AElfric, is an ambitious compendium of grammatical lore, and it is, with the exception of AElfric's own Grammar, arguably the most sophisticated Latin-learning text of the Anglo-Saxon age. Edited here for the first time,the Excerptiones appear with all scholia, an English translation, and a full contextual introduction. DAVID W. PORTER is Professor of English, Southern University, Baton Rouge.