Evil Empire: 101 Ways Britain Ruined the World

The supposedly glorious history of British civilization is a lie, a long and bloody lie. With the help of his trusty Internet browser and public library card, Steve Grasse has discovered how the British Empire has had a hand in every major war of the millennium and every calamity facing us in the twenty-first century - starvation, poverty, Nazis, Communists, terrorists, you name it - if the Americans are taking the rap for it, the British are probably behind it. If global hegemony were a Ford Mustang, George Bush's iron hand would be calmly gripping the stick and Tony Blair would be riding shotgun. That's okay with Steve Grasse, who doesn't seek to disrupt England's longstanding status as our trusty albeit fey buddy nation. Grasse sees America as Britain's snotty younger brother. Deep down, we love our older sibling, but he can be such an arrogant prick sometimes that we can't help but throw our arm over his shoulder and kindly point out some of his more glaring faults. At a moment when Anglo/American relations are experiencing unprecedented stress, this irreverent bit of muckraking is sure to be the talk of the British public.