Everything Elvis

Are you ready for the ultimate book of Elvis facts and tirvia? Everything you ever wanted to know about the king of rock'n'roll is here: the songs; the girls; the food; the cars; the movies; the lifestyle and the Elvis Effect. Discover the true meaning of what it meant, and what it still means to be Elvis Pressley. * Bob Dylan once said that 'Hearing Elvis's voice for the first time was like busting out of jail.' * Elvis was a connoisseur of clothes: 'I like 'em as flashy as you can get'em.' By 1956 he owned 40 suits and 27 pairs of shoes. * In the 1960's, Elvis was spending $500 a week on groceries. He also had Pepsi delivered to Graceland by the truckload. Ahuge contrast to his poor early days, when squirrel would occasionally grace his family's table. * On 14 January 1973 Elvis perfomed to his live spectacular Aloha from Hawaii via satellite: the first live global show ever broadcast. Over one billion people watched the show, more than watched Neil Armstrong walk on the moon.