Everything Crochet

This comprehensive reference and pattern book is a must-have addition to the serious crocheter's library. Covered in the pages of this in-depth how-to book are the answers to a wide range of nuts-and-bolts questions that crocheters want and need answers to but are often unable to find in standard tutorial crochet books that cover only the basics. You'll learn how to: read patterns work with multiples successfully substitute yarns effectively master seaming evaluate gauge convert measurements enlarge patterns for a perfect fit fix crochet mishaps This book will also show you how to: crochet with special hooks care for your crocheted items work with color block different types of projects use the right adhesives add professional touches to your projects crochet socks that fit use crochet to recycle and re-invent clothing make safer, longer-lasting toys Other helpful information includes special, out of the ordinary crochet techniques such as felting, mosaic crochet, Swedish embroidery, tambour crochet, fair isle, crocheting with thrums and locks, flatwork bead crochet, doing cross-stitch on crochet, crocheting on fabric, and even how to process and crochet with pet hair. This book will also help you organize your crochet supplies and yarn scraps, and even show you how to take your crochet to a professional level. You'll find all of this and much more in this one-of-a-kind crocheter's guide book that you will go to time and time again for answers to those crochet problems and questions that every crocheter encounters at one time or another.