Evangelical Sectarianism in the Russian Empire and the USSR: A Bibliographic Guide

One of the dynamic religious movements in the former USSR is evangelical sectarianism. Evangelical sectarians are those bodies-primarily Baptist, Evengelical Christian, Mennonite, and Pentecostal-whose origins are in Western pietism. This bibliography of 7,500 major entries and several thousand periodical references covers evangelicalism in all territories in the Russian Empire, including Poland and Finland up to 1917; the republics of the Soviet Union; and border territories, including the Baltic states, Eastern Poland, and Bessarabia when they were free from Soviet control from 1918 to 1940. The entries include materials from seventeen languages with the majority coming from Russian, German, English, and foreign titles translated into English. The bibliography seeks to open further research on an important aspect of Russian religious life, providing sources which are often difficult to locate.