Evaluation in a Nutshell: A practical guide to the evaluation of health promotion programs

Evaluation in a Nutshell 2e provides students with a succinct guide to the strategic and technical issues that arise during the evaluation of health promotion programs. The perfect companion to Theory in a Nutshell 3e, this book contains practical advice on how to understand, interpret and assess existing health promotion programs. This guide includes not only individual interventions but also community and population health programs, and demonstrates the need to tailor each evaluation to suit the circumstances of the particular program. This second edition has been fully updated, and includes: * a new chapter focusing on the evaluation of studies on smaller group programs for replication and dissemination to the wider population * separate chapters on formative evaluation and process evaluation to provide students with a more thorough explanation and therefore better understanding of these two areas. Written by international experts in health promotion, this book will guide students in developing the core skills necessary for valuable and practical evaluations.