This is a compelling visual survey of the work of Eva and Franco Mattes - internationally known as - a couple of restless European (con-)artists who use unconventional communication tactics to obtain high visibility with minimal effort. Featuring a number of previously unseen works, this is first official monograph on the controversial artists Eva and Franco Mattes, aka Over the last ten years, the Mattes have manipulated video games, the internet, feature films, and street advertising to reveal truths concealed by contemporary society. They have created media facades believable enough to elicit embarrassing reactions from governments, the public, and the art world; orchestrated unpredictable mass performances; staged outside art spaces; and, involved unwitting audiences in scenarios that mingle truth and falsehood. Bringing together all their exploits, including the anecdotes, indictments and controversies that have accompanied them, this book goes beyond the scope of an official biography, revealing the couple's very first (and until now undisclosed) work: Stolen Pieces . Over two years, 1995-97, they toured the world's most important museums and stole dozens of fragments from well-known works by artists such as Duchamp, Kandinsky, Beuys and Rauschenberg. This work, which has remained a secret for 14 years, is revealed and discussed here for the very first time.