Eternal Life: A New Vision--Beyond Religion, Beyond Theism, Beyond Heaven and Hell

The leading Christian liberal and pioneer for human rights challenges traditional Christian theology and takes us on a journey beyond religion and even beyond Christianity to give us his answer to the question of life beyond death-and that it absolutely exists. Bishop Spong, author of JESUS FOR tHE NON-RELIGIOUS and WHY CHRIStIANItY MUSt CHANGE OR DIE, is known for his controversial ideas and fighting for minority rights. Spong's natural gift for storytelling comes through in this remarkable spiritual journey about his life-long struggle with the questions of God and death in which he reveals how he ultimately came to believe in eternal life. God, says Spong, is ultimately one, and each of us is part of that oneness. this is how we live on after death: not in Heaven or Hell, but as part of the eternity that continues after we die beyond the barriers of time and space. the discovery of the eternal can be found within each of us as we go deeper into ourselves and by seeking it, by living each day to its fullest, we will come to understand how we live eternally.