Essentials of Sino-Foreign Business Management and Negotiation

Environmental pressures in China and home institutional environments exert fundamental influences on Sino-foreign business management and negotiation. Foreign business executives have been anxious to monitor their company brand reputations, manage the Chinese culture and carefully scrutinize profits when they negotiate ventures with their Chinese counterparts under a broad institutional context which comprises economic, political/legal, social and technological environment. This book offers a comprehensive and holistic overview of Sino-foreign business management and negotiation by employing institutional approach. It considers the process by which structures, including schemas, rules, norms, and routines, become established in the context comprising the aforementioned fundamental elements to formulate a set of authoritative guidelines for international executive to conduct their Sino-foreign business negotiations and to manage their business in China. It attempts to present a holistic business model and generates a win-win scenario for both the foreign and the Chinese party in a cross-cultural context. The book also contains sections that include business negotiation cases and Sino-foreign business negotiation protocol for business executives and students to identify relevant cultural and institutional issues that are important to Sino-foreign business management and negotiation.