Esoteric Anatomy & Occult Embryology

The universe in miniature, the human body reflects many of the greatest mysteries of esoteric doctrine and wisdom. Taking the reader on a journey of discovery, Hilarion leads us through karmic rebirth and conception in a process called Occult Embryology. In this fifth book of The New Hilarion Series, Hilarion discusses the esoteric significance of the physical body as laid against the backdrop of universal wisdom and enlightenment, and deals more specifically with the many aspects of man, from the more subtle bodies to the dense physical aspects of human anatomy, including more specifically, the esoteric significance of the chakras, the spine and the permanent atoms. With fascinating and enlightening references to Sidereal Medical Astrology and Hermetic Astrology, Hilarion introduces guidelines on the principles of esoteric healing and explains the process of reincarnation, as well as giving precise astrological formulas.