Equipping the Saints

Experts on congregational life tell us that ministry in the next century will depend more on called, trained, and committed lay leadership than it has since the days of the early church. But how will congregations recruit these lay leaders? How will they develop new models for training and equipping them for all the ministries of the church? What will the role of clergy be in adopting this new partnership that Leonard Sweet calls ancient-future ministry ? Equipping the Saints seeks to help congregational leaders answer these and other questions related to mobilizing lay ministry in the years ahead. The chapters include: Shall We Abolish the Clergy or the Laity? by Michael Christensen; Team Building Through Spiritual Gifts by Brian Bauknight; The Loss and Recovery of the Biblical Basis for Ministry by Russell Moy; Out of the Pew, Into the World by Jessica Moffat; The Seeker Service in the Mainline Church by Eric Park; Circuit Riding in the 21st Century by Rob Duncan; and, Life Together: Reclaiming the Ministry of Small Groups by Christine Anderson. Key Features: Responds to emerging trends that promise to be determinative of the shape of ministry in the next century Addresses an important practical need in congregations Offers help in formulating new models for congregational ministry Key Benefits: Readers will understand the important emerging need for called, trained, and committed laypersons to engage in ministry Readers will learn how to recruit and train lay leaders Readers will identify a new model of clergy/lay ministry partnership