Envy the Night

Devin Matteson - evil man for sure - was alive and free. Cut a deal, hung Frank's father out to dry, and then walked away. No punishment, no penance, no pain. He deserved some or all of that. He damn sure deserved some pain.Envy the Night blasts into the life of Frank Temple. Frank's father was a hitman, and though Frank turned his back on his father's violent ways, he's never been able to get over his father's suicide after being turned in to the authorities by someone close to him.So when Frank learns that Devin Matteson - the man he believes betrayed his father - is heading to a lake in Wisconsin, he finds himself drawn back to the lake to confront Matteson in a final showdown .With its excellent narrative and superb plot, Envy the Night confirms Michael Koryta's place among the top echelon of international crime writers. A moody and evocative novel, with overtones of both Michael Connelly and James Lee-Burke, it will keep you turning its pages well into the night.