Environmental Geotechnics: Proceedings of the Second International Congress, IS-Osaka '96, Osaka, 5-8 November 1996: Volume 2

Rapid industralization and unsafe waste management practices have resulted in complex and challenging problems in waste containment, remediation of geoenvironmental contamination,and recycling and reuse of waste materials. Geotechnical engineers are strongly encouraged to contribute to the above environmental problems. Topics covered: Site investigation, specialization and characterization; Modeling and numerical analysis; Geotechnics of tailing dams and sediments; Waste disposal and containment; Geotechnics of waste landfill; Geotechnical recycle or reuse of waste materials; Remediation of contaminated ground; Geoenvironmental risks and regulations. The proceedings are tremendously useful in promoting the development of the environmental geotechnics. The congress provided a forum for discussion of all geotechnical aspects of waste management from various parts of the world.