Environmental and Public Economics: Essays in Honor of Wallace E. Oates

Wallace E. Oates has made a pioneering contribution to environmental and public economics. This original selection of essays honors his seminal work in both these fields. The contributions to this volume apply Wallace E. Oates's key ideas and insights to a broad range of problems. The essays on environmental economics assess environmental policy in today's conservative era and analyse environmental taxes, environmental federalism and the choice of environmental policy instruments. The chapters on public economics investigate vouchers for private schools, capitalization, urban growth controls and the welfare economics of congestible amenities in general equilibrium models. The authors also examine intergovernmental grants in South Africa, public pensions in the European Union and fiscal federalism in early American history. Environmental and Public Economics is an informative and thought-provoking celebration of Wallace E. Oates's work which will be useful for students and scholars of environmental studies, public policy and public sector economics.