Entertaining: The Virgin Guide

The complete guide to organising fantastic parties and dinners. Is it OK to serve ready meals at a romantic dinner for two? How can you throw a cool cocktail party without breaking the bank? Can you turn a family lunch into a special event without getting up at 5 am to start preparing? Find the answers in this hip, no-nonsense guide to entertaining. With realistic, down-to-earth advice and tips from the best experts in the field, this book brings entertaining into the twenty-first century. It covers all the basics you need to think through, whether you're planning an informal house-warming bash or a big work do, and also shows you how to tackle specific events. It's ideal for anyone who wants to enjoy themselves at their own parties and create the kind of occasions that'll be remembered (for all the right reasons). Whether you are planning an intimate dinner with friends or a full-scale birthday bash in a hired hall, this book is for you. And we promise there won't be a vol-au-vent in sight.