Enterprise Information Security: Information Security for Non-Technical Decision Makers

Series: MB Executive
Terrorist attacks against the United States, rumours of cyberterrorism, high-profile virulent worms such as NIMDA and Code Red - all of these have thrust information security to centre stage in the business world. Information security is no longer the exclusive domain of IT security practitioners - now all business executives need to be familiar with the high level concepts and issues surrounding the security of their enterprise. Whilst many publications exist for security practitioners and technologists they offer little business case or contextual information to high-level decision-makers. Written in user-friendly terms but using a vocabulary that security practitioners also understand, this briefing will enable you to get to grips with security issues so you can make informed decisions on threats and risks facing your business. Contents include: * Executive summary * Security is on centre stage * Security concepts - the principles everyone needs to know * Security mechanisms - the components that protect the enterprise * Security policies - defining the standard of architecture and behaviour * Security requirement - defining the behaviour of systems and applications * Protecting corporate information beyond the corporate boundaries * Privacy * Conclusion