Enhanced Services Handbook

The Enhanced Services Handbook provides the background as to how ES came to be a fundamental part of the new GMS contract. It goes into some detail on what can be defined as an ES, and, perhaps more importantly, what cannot be defined as an ES counting towards the funding floor. It suggests ways to identify the costs of providing such a service, with methods to determine the level of profit required. The book includes real examples of service specifications for real ES to provide examples of how to develop a service specification. It brings together all the important relevant documents from the GPC, the regulations and SFE, and examples of already established ES. It contains a comprehensive list of ES set up from around the UK. The book also contains a chapter outlining some basic techniques and strategies for negotiating an ES. No other title has all this information on ES in a single volume. It is a complete reference book with regard to ES - from the beginning point of determining if an ES is needed, through developing the service specification, to the pricing and then the process of negotiating the deal with the local commissioners.