English Village Architecture

Acclaimed architectural writer R.J. Brown has produced the definitive study of the huge variety of buildings and edifices to be found in the villages of England. Splendidly illustrated throughout, with nearly 200 pen-and-ink drawings by the author, English Village Architecture looks at the social, geological and architectural history behind the structure of English villages, and examines how industries, urbanization, transport and changing traditions have influenced how we have been using and designing our buildings over the centuries. England is famous across the world for the beauty and variety of its village architecture, and R.J. Brown's commentary covers all manner of buildings, from churches, inns and shops, to maltings, watermills and lock-ups. The author also considers lesser structures, such as wells, pumps and stocks, all of which added to the appeal of traditional English villages and provide valuable information on what life was like in centuries gone by. In our modern age of urban expansion and soulless building design, English Village Architecture presents a fascinating insight into these charming and much-loved structures, which are still standing and possible to enjoy to this day. Through his magnificent artwork, and his lively and knowledgeable text, R.J. Brown will instil in his readers an appreciation of all that English village architecture has to offer.