Engineering Design Conference 2000: Design for Excellence

Design for Excellence contains papers from a conference organised by Brunel University. This book will be useful for designers, engineers, software developers, and other technologists working in a wide variety of engineering applications. Both those working in industry and in the academic environment will want to have access to this valuable resource. The complete contents are: a strategic overview of UK product development; technology management - a methodology towards achieving design excellence within the pharmaceutical industry; designing safer systems - the application of human factors methods; from environmental assessment results to DFE product changes - an evaluation of quantitative and qualitative methods; design determines 70 per cent of cost! It also includes: a review of implications for design evaluation; using correlation chains to link customer requirements and physical laws; how to manage '3-GEN' products and services; strain based shallow shell finite element for circular cylindrical shells; validation of manufacturing facilities in the pharmaceuticals industry; the use of formal design techniques in the development of a model device; aesthetic intelligence - optimizing user-centred design; tendering for engineering contracts; an investigation on specifications - component, source information areas, and contents.