Energy Efficient Buildings with Solar and Geothermal Resources

A modern and unique perspective on solar and geothermal technologies for heating and cooling buildings This book will have a broad appeal reaching practising engineers in the industry as well as students. With introductory sections for each technology described, material includes chapters on: geothermal energy use for the heating and cooling of buildings; a chapter on electrically driven heat pumps/chillers; material on night radiative cooling, photovoltaic thermal collectors, temperature modelling and thin film photovoltaic modelling. * Includes general introductory sections for each technology with market potential and applications * Covers an increasingly important component of energy courses * Considers a broad range of alternative renewable energy supplies relevant to the building sector, such as geothermal energy with heat pump * With a special focus on solar cooling, provides detailed physical models of all technologies and example calculations * Unique in covering the fundamentals of meteorological modelling