Encyclopedia of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance: v. 9: Advances in NMR

The content of this volume has been added to the online reference work Encyclopedia of Magnetic Resonance. For further information see Encyclopedia of Magnetic Resonance. As a stand alone volume, Advances in NMR comprehensively highlights the rapid progress of nuclear magnetic resonance over the last five years. * Features 66 articles on the latest major advances in NMR* Written by over 80 internationally recognised experts With over 900 pages, illustrated extensively throughout, and an easy to read large double-columned format, Advances in NMR covers indepth articles on the latest advances in spectroscopic techniques; nuclear interactions; biochemical, physical and chemical applications. Including these outstanding articles: * Double-Quantum NMR Spectroscopy of Dipolar Coupled Spins Under Fast Magic Angle Spinning (H W Spiess)* Pulse Sequence Design using Rotor and Spin Symmetry ( M Levitt)* Indirect Nuclear Spin-Spin Coupling Tensors (R E Wasylishen)* Weakly Aligned Biomolecules in Liquid Crystals (A Bax)* Multiple-Resonance, Multi-dimensional Solid-state NMR of Proteins (S J Opella)* Dynamics of Hydrogen Transfer in Liquids and Solids (H Limbach)* Optically Pumped NMR of Semiconductors and Two-dimensional Electron Systems (R Tycko/S E Barrett) The list of contributors looks like a Who's Who of the subject - The Times Higher Education Supplement