Encore: A Rock-And-Roll Romance

Series: Encore
Paperback / softback
THE FINAL BOOK IN THIS SEXY TRILOGY BRINGS DOWN THE HOUSE AS SHAY AND LONI'S LOVE STORY EXPLODES UNDER THE SPOTLIGHT OF STARDOM Shay and Loni are riding high! Their smash album is nominated for the Grammy Award for Album of the Year. Shay is basking in the glow of being this year's hot new star and is greeted by adoring fans and seductive groupies wherever he goes, while Loni has been commissioned by a pop legend to write the lyrics for his much-anticipated rock opera. The winds of fame and stardom, however, can quickly shift. When the album loses at the Grammy's and Shay s newest releases are panned, his fans quickly desert him. But while Shay's star is fading. Meanwhile, Loni's continues to soar as everything she writes turns to gold. Working in faraway cities inevitably creates a physical distance between them, but it is their diverging success that poses the biggest threat to their tumultuous relationship. Shay was supposed to be the famous onecan he handle Loni's surpassing him? Can their love endure and pull their relationship back together when the road is so rough and divided?