EMS Public Information Education and Relations

Emergency Medical Services: Public Information Education and Relations is intended to be used as a reference and how to manual for EMS managers seeking to design, implement, and maintain a public relations plan. The text identifies and offers examples of the informational and educational components that work together to form a comprehensive public relations plan. Capitalizing on successful strategies used in marketing and advertising, it explains the reasons why public information and education is a necessary part of gaining and holding the public trust. A Public Information and Education Tool helps EMS managers create personalized templates and reference materials in order to easily and quickly produce the right message for the right audience and ensure its delivery. ***** This title is available only through the Pearson Custom Library (PCL). To order, click here www.pearsoncustomlibrary.com. PCL allows customers to create customized textbooks, giving students a more engaging and affordable education. Customers also have the option of purchasing the full text without customization in the Pearson Custom Library. For more information about customization opportunities, refer to http://www.pearsoncustomlibrary.com. Because this program is print-on-demand, printing will not start until we receive a purchase order from your bookstore. Please place your book order with the bookstore as soon as possible to ensure timely delivery. Please allow 2-4 weeks for your book to print. Additional time is required for outside content and/or packaging with other components.