Empowering the Mentor of the Beginning Mathematics Teacher

The demands of teaching can be overwhelming, especially for those just starting out in the teaching profession. The complexities of balancing the need to teach for depth of mathematical understanding while dealing with the pressure of preparing students for high-stakes testing can be challenging and frustrating. The teaching community recognises the importance of mentoring and how it can give teachers the support and encouragement they need not only to survive the challenges of teaching mathematics but also to develop as dedicated professionals.This book is an informative and practical resource in which mentors and mentees share their experiences and advice with those who plan to mentor other mathematics teachers. The book serves as a how to for individuals who participate in formal or informal mentor training or serve as instructional coach, peer coach, lead teacher, collaborative peer, department chair, administrator, critical friend, team leader, university supervisor or department or grade-level colleague. This volume challenges the reader to think differently about what being a mentor means.