Empowering Teachers with Technology: Making It Happen

Today, teachers are still using the book, chalkboard, and teacher-talk model of education developed in the Industrial Age. Author and teacher, Michael Romano, recognizes that there is a need to find out why and to determine how to empower teachers with the remarkable information technology that is driving the evolution for a global society and to enhance student achievement. The research for this work includes a review of the literature spanning the past 50 years. This book introduces a definitive, comprehensive approach to the use of technology in the classroom known as the Technology-Enhanced Curriculum or (TEC). Benefits of the TEC template: * Can be applied to any grade level * Optimally compatible with the system in place * Can be utilized without extensive teacher training Most importantly, Dr. Romano's book provides a convincing rationale for the use of educational technology and, thus, can be used as a primer for learners in colleges of education.