Employee Selection and Performance Management

Employee selection, assessment and performance management/appraisal have grown immeasurably in importance in the last two decades, both as areas of scientific enquiry and as professional human resource practice. Not surprisingly, employee selection and performance management (ESPM) literatures are highly disparate, international in orientation, multilevel in their foci ranging from the individual to the workgroup to the whole organization, and dual-focused in terms of their dominant attention to either more fundamental research issues or more pragmatic issues of best practice in ESPM. This major work brings together, in three volumes, the seminal papers in ESPM and creates a single collection of keynote papers spanning both research and practice. The three-volume set comprehensively covers the scope of ESPM as a discipline and reflects its historical development and spread from its roots in the United States. Volume One: Key Theoretical Issues and Concerns in ESPM Volume Two: Selection Methods and Performance Outcomes I Volume Three: Selection Methods and Performance Outcomes II